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Family and High School Senior Photos

Family and High School Senior Photos in San Jose CA, Salt Lake City UT, and Houston Tx

Family Portraits

We don’t follow the typical playbook; we let your family’s unique personalities shine through naturally. It’s like telling a story through photos, where each family member is a character in a narrative that’s all about those quirky connections and the love that binds you together. So, let’s ditch the ordinary and capture the extraordinary in your family’s story.

Unique Senior Portraits

Elevate your high school senior portraits with our creative and unique approach that goes beyond the mundane yearbook snapshots. We focus on your unique personality, interests, and the remarkable journey of your senior year, ensuring your portraits are a true reflection of your individuality and an unforgettable keepsake.

Family photos should be fun

We’re all about letting your family’s true colors shine. Forget stiff poses and forced smiles – it’s all about showcasing what makes each family member special. We capture those unfiltered moments, the giggles, and the genuine interactions that make everyone stand out in their own way.

There are creative, and fun, ways to show how cohesive and loving your family is that doesn’t involve wearing identical outfits in fake poses. 

“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.”

High School Senior Photos

This YOUR day to celebrate being YOU whether you love gaming, shopping, competitive sports, or getting lost in books. You’ve come so far to get where you are now and your senior year is going to be the best! 

These sessions are for the girls who don’t feel pretty enough, smart enough, or worthy of what you want in life. You ARE, and so much more! These are for the boys who don’t feel like they fit in anywhere, or worry about never living up to everyone else’s expectations. You will bring your own light to this world.

 These are for the parents who know that as soon as your child steps out that door, they’re coming back in as an adult and this is one last chance to hold on to all of those cherished memories!

Family & Senior Photo Gallery

Three Easy Steps To Your Dream Photo Shoot


Planning Your Session

Schedule your no-obligation phone call where we will go over all the details and I’ll answer all of your questions. If we decide we’re a good fit, we’ll pick a date and start planning your photo shoot. I know all the best locations for outdoor photos, and I have resources to help you pick the perfect outfits.


Your Portrait Session

You arrive on the day of your shoot ready to have some fun! I show you all the poses so it looks natural, and you can just be your already amazing self. For family photos, we’ll photograph everyone together, individually, and in various combinations. You can also change your outfit as many times as time allows.


Printing Your Photos

Enjoy your own personalized reveal and ordering session to pick out your favorite professionally-edited images and choose the perfect designer album, small prints, and wall art to take home your gorgeous photos. There are digital options as well since you’re going to want to show off these photos online!


We treat every client like royalty, and customize the photo shoot for your unique personality and reasons for doing this shoot. We provide a full service experience with posing and facial expression guidance, location selection, wardrobe assistance, and a thorough preparation guide that tells you everything you need to know before your session to ensure the best possible experience. 

Family portrait sessions are $200 and last 40-60 minutes.

Senior Portrait sessions are $300. These sessions are 1-2 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are any photos included in the session fee?

No. You will purchase the images you love about 1 week after your photo shoot when you come in for your personalized ordering appointment. You will see all of the custom products and digital options to choose from then.

Where does the photo shoot take place?

We know the best spots for photo shoots based on your preferences. We can shoot in nature, downtown, or a location that is special to you. We’ll go over all of this during your planning phone call.

How long does the session last?

Family sessions usually last 40-60 minutes. High School Senior sessions usually last about 1-2 hours. 

Do you offer payment plans?

We accept payments from Affirm, Klarna, Sezzle, and Afterpay. You can set up a simple payment plan with any of those apps. We also have suggestions for 0% interest credit cards if you prefer that plan.

Do you share my photos online?

We DO NOT share any images without your permission. And we don’t tag our clients or list anyone’s name unless it is a testimonial you have specifically written for us. This experience and these images are for YOU first. If you allow us to share them, that is entirely your choice.

How many outfits will I get to wear?

For family sessions we generally have time for 1-2 outfits during the shoot. This generally depends on the size of the family. Senior Portrait sessions will usually have 2-3 outfits.

Is there a minimum purchase?

Nope! There is no minimum order. Most clients come in hoping to like a few great photos, but then end up with a few dozen favorites! No one ever wants to leave with just couple photos.

Do you have outfits in the studio or do I bring my own?

You are responsible for bringing your own outfits. We have suggestions for local boutiques if you’d like to purchase new outfits for your photo shoot.

How long does it take to receive my images?

You will get to see all of your gorgeous photos about 2 weeks after your session. Albums and prints are usually ready for pickup in 3-4 weeks after that. If you pay in full at your ordering appointment, which most clients do, you can take home your digital images that day!

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