What To Wear For Women’s Headshots

For women’s headshots, it is important to wear clothing that is professional and tailored to your industry. Here are some general guidelines for what to wear for women’s headshots:

  1. Avoid overly casual or revealing clothing: It is best to wear something that is professional and appropriate for your industry. Avoid tank tops or shirts with a deep neckline.
  2. Choose solid colors: Solid colors tend to look more professional in headshots than patterns or busy prints. Avoid loud or bright colors that may distract from your face. Think of ski suits from the 80s.
  3. Wear tailored clothing: Loose or baggy clothing may not look as polished in headshots as fitted or tailored pieces. Baggy clothing tends to bunch up during most poses and it will not create a flattering look.
  4. Choose simple accessories: Avoid wearing bold or large jewelry or accessories that may distract from your face. Simple and subtle accessories, such as a watch or small earrings, are best.
  5. Dress for your industry: Consider the industry you are in and choose clothing that is appropriate for that field. For example, a lawyer may choose to wear a tailored suit, while a graphic designer may opt for a more creative outfit.
  6. Be true to your personal brand: If your style is loud and colorful and you wear accessories that tend to stand out, bring them to your photo shoot! Professional does not have mean boring and sterile.

Always check with your photographer. If they can’t give you suggestions based on your industry and the way you will use your headshot, find another photographer.

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