The Top Holiday Gifts For Men in 2023

What can you get for him this holiday season that isn’t just going to get stuffed in a drawer? There is one thing you can get for him that will totally transform your confidence in the process, and that he’s going to love year round…

The Top Holiday Gifts For Men in 2023

I’ve been doing some research and the top suggested gifts for men in 2023 are… 😑 underwhelming.

Does he need a monogrammed steak brand to burn his initials into his food? Doubtful. How about a cooler that doubles as a foosball table? Sure, with all those people coming over to hang out 🙄👎 It’s just going to be something to stack other things on out in the garage. And according to Esquire, the #1 item on their list is a cashmere sweater. You’ll have to buy a case of lint rollers to get that fuzz off of EVERYTHING he goes near.

So what could you get him?

How about a book of gorgeous photos of you, being your most confident, radiant, sexy self? You get a full makeover and pampering for a day, plus a huge confidence boost, and he get’s a stunning album showcasing the love of his life, that he can look through year round.

Why Do A Boudoir Shoot?

2020-2022 were the years of yoga pants. This is an opportunity to get your hair done and put on some lipstick and trade the lycra for something lacy. This is a chance to reconnect with the gorgeous, feminine, stunning you who has been in quarantine all year.

And for him, he gets something special to keep at home or hidden in his desk to remind him of you when one of you is traveling, when he’s having a rough day, or when he just misses you. Turning the pages of that album let him connect with you, in a way that only your partner can, when you can’t be there in the room together.

Who is a good fit for a boudoir shoot?

If you want to feel good about being you, and you want to share that with your partner, then you are a good fit. That’s about it as far as requirements go. You also need to be over 18. There is no ‘right’ age or size or color or anything.

The first step is to schedule your free consultation and we can start planning the details that will make this the best photo shoot ever. Click here to get in touch!

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