How Many Outfits Do You Need For A Boudoir Photo Shoot?

Most photographers will allow a range from 1-5 outfits during your session. Some will allow for 1-3 outfits and you can pay for a longer shoot to include extra looks. We do 4-5 outfits during my sessions based on how quickly you can change. More complex outfits (garters, corsets, stockings…) require more time to get in and out of and that will cut into your shoot time. This is also why I have a female assistant present during your shoot so you have someone to help you with the outfits that need an extra set of hands to get on quickly.

I also recommend bringing 2-3 outfits more than you will need for your photo shoot. Your mindset when packing your clothing will be different from your mindset during the shoot and it’s always good to have options. Plus, not everything will photograph well and your photographer should be able to help you pick the best outfits for your shoot from the selections you bring.

If you think you might want it during your shoot, bring it! It’s always better to have outfits we don’t use, than to wish you didn’t leave something at home.

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